Delight Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator, Rose/Pink

An ultra-hip and quiet rechargeable vibrator with a sharp S-curve for G-spot stimulation and easy handling.

At first glance, one would think the Delight is an ultra hip gadget instead of a sex toy. It is a sleek, well-designed, sophisticated vibrator that's pleasing to the eye (as well as other parts!); in fact, it won the Reddot design award for 2008, plus it's been upgraded since then with more vibration modes and a new magnetic USB cable charging system. With a sharp S-curve, it is not phallic-looking at all, and it hits your G-spot with less effort than most of our other curved vibrators. While tucked neatly inside, the curve presses against your mons and clitoris, sending yummy vibrations inside and out. Our tester said that thrusting isn't necessary to stimulate the G-spot, only light tugging will do (but thrust away if you want even more sensation). The round tip is great for external stimulation, such as rimming all around your vulva and anus. This vibe can also be used anally; the sharp curve acts as a flange to prevent it from sneaking all the way inside your bum.

The curl on the end is perfect for hooking two fingers through while your thumb easily operates the controls on the handle (which are illuminated once it's turned on, which is especially nice for those of you who like to play in the dark). Features eight vibration intensities and three vibration programs. The noise level is incredibly low; our tester barely heard it at arm's length away, and she didn't hear anything when it was inside her pussy. Made from medical-grade silicone and thermoplastic. 7-1/2 inches long, and 1-1/4 inch diameter. Uses a magnetic charging cable and charges fully in 6 hours providing about an hour of use. Comes with a satin storage bag.

February 26, 2015 only.

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