Aneros Helix Acetal Prostate Stimulator

A more aggressive prostate stimulator with a larger nub for rubbing from the folks at Aneros.

If you are seeking prostate sensation higher up inside your tush, there is no better Aneros than the Aneros Helix. Like other versions, the Aneros Helix was developed with the same hands-free mechanism that strokes and massages the prostate, urging men to use muscle control to achieve orgasm without touching the penis. The Aneros Helix is specifically designed with a larger, more angled head for broader surface contact along the prostate. The tip bump is 1-1/16" and slowly decreases in width along its 3-3/4" length. This toy has more aggressive proportions than its brothers meaning it will take less practice and far less patience to get you hooping and hollering. Also wonderful for first-time-users!

Now available in a silicone over rigid frame model: Helix Syn.

March 5, 2015 only.

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