Rabbit Habit Elastomer Vibrator

Sparkly lavender elastomer "Bunny Vibe" with a grinding shaft and controls located on the handle.

Here's everybody's favorite bunny in a new, 100% phthalate-free elastomer! Essentially a Rabbit Pearl, but with the wired battery pack replaced with a battery compartment at the bottom of the toy. Made in Japan, the toy part of the Rabbit Habit Elastomer Vibrator has essentially the same look as other bunny vibes, but in a much more attractive, sparkly lavender color. As with other rabbit vibes, the ears and nose vibrate to stimulate the clit, and the 6-3/4" long main shaft (4" of which are insertable) contains pearly beads and a mechanism that makes the whole shaft grind around in a sort of "stirring" motion while the beads jumble around providing even more sensation (the pearls area is the widest part of the shaft at 1-1/2"). The two parts of the toy are controlled by separate sliders on the base, each of which has a good range of strength. Unfortunately, the shaft does lose some (but not a tremendous amount of) strength when you crank up the rabbit vibrator. Made in Japan. Takes three AA batteries.

Please note, the rabbit vibrator prong is meant for external vibration only. Please do not insert it, as you may damage the toy and such use is not covered under the warranty.

This toy has a higher range of vibrations for the rabbit part, but provides somewhat less movement in the shaft/pearl part. The soft rubbery material with which it is covered has very little scent.

November 25, 2014 only.

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