Eleven Stainless Steel Dildo

An impressive, heavy, double-ended 11" dildo made out of stainless steel.

By far the biggest, heaviest, metal toy we carry, the Eleven Stainless Steel Dildo caused some double takes and long whistles of awe when it arrived in our offices. It gets its name from its impressive eleven inch length, though don't let the size scare you off — once we started using it, we realized that this is more of an intermediate than an advanced toy. Far longer than you'll probably be able to insert all the way, the Eleven functions quite well as a double-ended dildo, with one end angled up with a 2" head, tapering somewhat to a ridged shaft ending with a slightly downturned, slightly smaller head measuring 1-3/4" diameter. Great for both solo and partnered play and for vaginal and anal play (please use some care as there is no flange). With both ends rounded and slightly pointy, this is a great dildo for G-spot play — the length provides excellent control for giving just the right amount of pressure, and the other end makes a nice handle to maneuver around. It comes in an attractive black bag that is so nice you could use it as a clutch and not one person would ever know it was made to house your honkin' huge metal dildo. For PC exercises the sheer girth and weight is a big bonus; you'll definitely feel your pelvic muscles and you might even feel a bit sore due to the combination of size and weight (a hefty 2.75 lbs). But it's a good satisfying kind of sore like after a good sweaty workout at the gym. A sense of accomplishment. Yeah Muscles! Good job!

March 3, 2015 only.

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