Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

A stainless steel crescent with balled ends that makes for a versatile, stunning toy.

Let's just come right out with it: we love this toy but we dislike its dorky name. But, seeing as the ultra swanky black box that it comes housed in has the name stamped on the outside, inside, as well as the packaging, we were hesitant to offer up a different one. Regardless, the Pure Wand is one of the coolest toys the office has come in contact with in a long time. There was much ooh-ing and ahh-ing when this solid stainless steel crescent was lifted from its silky home.

So elegant, this heavy metal dildo is just as much a piece of art as an amazing toy. Each end is crafted to end in a ball, one side measuring 1", the other 1-1/2", allowing for versatility in which orifice to play with and how big you want to go. The 7-1/2" curved shape of the shaft (11" if able to straighten it out) makes thrusting extremely easy and can function as a nifty handle to really get deep inside your harder to reach places. Most anal dildos are not made with reach-around-ability in mind, so that makes the Pure Wand that much more of a standout. Additionally, the balled ends make wonderful prostate stimulators.

One of our testers reported that the Pure Wand, when used as a vaginal toy, was the first toy she was ever able to ejaculate with. Oh yes, you read that correctly. When sitting or reclining, the sitting surface makes a great fulcrum for rocking the toy into the vagina and rubbing hard on the G-spot. If you are a squirter or would like to become one, this toy is one that could help you along that path. And if you just want to rock your little world without a watershow, we can't think of a better toy to do it!

December 22, 2014 only.

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