Isis Silicone Dildo, Pink

A firm silicone dildo in a gentle "S" shape, perfect for hitting the G-spot.

The Isis Silicone Dildo is an "S"-shaped, 9-1/2" long dildo made out of surprisingly firm light-pink silicone. This firmness is the key to the Isis' success: this is a very good dildo for massaging your G-spot. Unlike some other G-spot dildos made out of softer silicone, the Isis will not flop around, and goes exactly where you put it. The gentle "S"-curve lets it reach your G-spot easily, without putting too much unwanted pressure on it. The fact that it is silicone and not, say, a completely firm material (e.g. metal, glass) means that there is still some give to it; a definite plus for those of us who find hard materials too pokey for our G-spots. Each end is differently sized, too (1-1/2" one end, 1-1/4" the other) so if one side doesn't work for you, the other one might hit you just right; it's also great for people who want to start small and work up (or vice-versa). The silicone is nice and smooth; there is a very slight seam running down the middle, but this is not at all noticeable when in use. It's very easy to use — either thrusting, rocking or having a partner wield it for you. And it comes in a satin-lined white box, perfect for gift-giving. A very nice G-spot toy to make you feel like the goddess you are!

March 6, 2015 only.

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