Rude Boy Silicone Prostate Vibrator, Black

Made to pleasure both male p-spots simultaneously (the prostate and the perineum), this is the first silicone prostate toy that really wows us.

While it might be rude to leave your elbows on the table during a nice dinner out with the in-laws, we hadn't heard rockin' hands-free orgasms were considered faux pas. (Things get labeled taboo so quickly these days!) Made to pleasure both male p-spots simultaneously (the prostate and the perineum) , the Rude Boy Prostate Vibrator is the first silicone prostate toy that really wows the pants off of us.

Built like a solid-silicone finger and thumb, the Rude Boy is designed to slip inside your butt easily while also rubbing against your neglected outside parts. The insertable "finger" portion measures 5 inches long (when uncurled) and a novice-friendly 1 inch wide for the entirety of the shaft. The external "thumb" portion is about 2-1/2 inches long and topped with some pleasure nubbies that help grip the skin and keep the toy in place behind the balls. The "thumb" portion also houses a vibrating bullet that sends fast-paced vibrations through the toy, deep inside your body. You can sit up with the Rude Boy inserted for extra sensation on the perineum and, if even more friction is desired, you can rock back and forth for hands-free stimulation. The shape of the silicone makes it easy to retain the toy while sitting or lying down, and some of our testers reported being able to walk around and fuck with it inserted as well!

The Rude Boy vibrates with medium intensity almost silently and it's waterproof for those who want a prostate massage and a bubble bath at the same time. The vibrating motor is actually a bullet massager and (we were told) it's removable for partner play. However, the bullets inside the test massagers were held so firmly in place that it was a big hassle trying to get them out. In all honesty, our testers weren't so keen on handing off the fabulous vibration element in the first place, so the issue was moot from the get go. We suggest assuming the bullet won't come out and consider buying a second Rude Boy for your lover, just in case. Requires one 1.5V size N battery to vibrate (included; we also sell replacements).

Note: The Rude Boy is now only available in Black.

April 20, 2014 only.

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