Blowfish: Good Products for Great Sex

What's Cool?

From Storage and Furnishings ...

Moi Box Deluxe

A matching set of locking lacquered wooden box and soft-sided zippered nylon bag for discreet toy and supply storage.

From Accoutrements ...

Magnifique Gold Chain Waist Jewelry

Adjustable golden chains provide a sensual tease and can be worn with the focus to the hip or the butt, or even wear it as a bandeau top.

From Supplies ...

Sliquid Organics Lube Cube

This sampler has 3 pillow packs each of 4 of the standard Sliquid Organics lubricants. Great for checking out which you like and for travel.

From Toys ...

P.3 Silicone Penis Ring

A silicone penis ring with smooth angles and a protrusion for a variety of sensations. Comes in firm and stretchy varieties.