Blowfish: Good Products for Great Sex

Blowfish is having a Labor Day sale! 20% off!

From Toys ...

Vinyl Wand Vibrator Attachments

Blue vinyl attachments for wand-style vibe have straight or curved 3-1/2" long, 1" in diameter “dildo” for your insertion pleasure.

From Supplies ...

Poeme Body Paint

Write your deepest desires on your lover’s skin with this edible body paint and see what happens when you start to lick it off.

From Storage and Furnishings ...

Lockable Toy Box

This metal accented case offers a safe & secure way to store your toys. Easy combo lock, unbreakable material & 3 sizes with various colors.

From Accoutrements ...

Birds Nipple Pasties

The dramatic feathers frame the Swarovski stone 'eyes' with exciting contrast, makes these self-adhesive leather pasties extremely tempting.