Blowfish: Good Products for Great Sex

What's Cool?

From Toys ...

Silicone Ball Gag

A bright pink silicone ball gag with black leather strap and metal buckle.

From Supplies ...

Good Clean Love All-Natural Aloe-Based Lubricant, Cinnamon Vanilla

This aloe-based lube is flavored with vanilla and cinnamon for an arousing but subtle extra stimulation along with making you slippery.

From Storage and Furnishings ...

Lockable Toy Box

This metal accented case offers a safe & secure way to store your toys. Easy combo lock, unbreakable material & 3 sizes with various colors.

From Accoutrements ...

Happily Ever After Kits

These lovely red or white kits consist of satin self-adhesive, reusable pasties, garter, organza handcuffs, and a playful feather tickler.