Blowfish: Good Products for Great Sex

What's Cool?

From Toys ...

Bdesired Deluxe Silicone Vibe

This silicone vibe has a sleek design and 6-functions, operated through a single button; good for vaginal penetration of external use.

From Supplies ...

Astrolide Water-Based Gel

This in this thicker Astroglide formula the gel stays in place longer and is particularly ideal for anal play.

From Storage and Furnishings ...

Sneaky Sack

A multi-compartment waterproof bag for storing your toys, lube, and other sex supplies from prying eyes while traveling or at home.

From Accoutrements ...

Stainless Steel Slave Ring

This stainless steel slave ring is special gift that says “you are mine”. Approximately a size 4 ring.