What's Cool in Accoutrements?

Round Blue Sequin Pasties With Feathers

Blue sequin round pasties adorned with dangling peacock and other feathers so you can strut your stuff.

Vegan Leather H-Harness

With adjustable collar & belt, and connecting straps galore, this BDSM-themed accessory is a strong and sexy look with or without clothes.

Flash Glittery Pasties

Let your sexy superhero persona shine in these glittery black, gold, or silver reusable silicone fun shaped pasties.

Ana's Trilogy Kit 1

This kit has a silk blindfold, lipstick vibrator, pleasure feather, and stainless steel & purple stone nipple clamps.

Magnifique Bra Chain

This adjustable nickel-free chain design frames your breasts and waist. Wear it over clothes, lingerie, or just your bare skin.

Cleopatra 24k Gold Plated Stainless Steel Bangle Handcuffs

Take these stackable gold bangles out on the town and see what kind of excuse you can find to turn them into sexy handcuffs.

Round Sequin Pasties With Rainbow Drops

Red or purple sequin round pasties celebrate sexual diversity with a dangling rainbow of beads finished with a pearl drop.

Magnifique Chain Necklace Whip

This nickel-free necklace has a very long ball chain ending in a ball chain tassel for tickling and lightly stingy whipping.

Red Round Crystal Pasties With Bead Drops

Red fabric round pasties covered with clear crystals and adorned with dangling red and silver beads and finished with a pearl drop.

Amelia Stainless Steel Nipple Clamps Necklace

This stainless steel lariat necklace has an industrial look with pendants on each end that are screw-adjustable nipple clamps.

Star Sequin Pasties With Beaded Drops

Blue or purple sequin star-shaped pasties dangle coordinated beads finished with a pearl drop. Star in your own burlesque show!

Silver Round Crystal Pasties With Pink Crystal Hoops

Silver fabric round pasties covered with clear crystals are decorated with metal hoops adorned with pink and clear crystals.

Plaisir Nacre Pearl and Chain Handcuffs

Cuffs made of pearly beads. The middle chain is 8-1/2" long and the pearl portion on each side is 5-1/4". This total length is roughly 20".

Vegan Leather 8-Harness

This BDSM themed accessory has a halter neck strap and an adjustable waist strap for a strong and sexy look with or without clothes.

Cleopatra 24k Gold Plated Brass Whip Necklace

This ruched metal collar is all about beautiful sensual power when worn and when transformed into a whip.

Burlesque Pasties

Let your inner burlesque queen shine with these pasties available in four styles: feathered, sequins, glitter & bows, or leather & tassles.

Mimi Rhinestone Pasties

Rhinestone pasties in starburst, bow, stars, or heart shapes and a variety of colors, to show off your ta-tas!

Magnifique Bikini Chain

This adjustable nickel-free chain “bikini” frames your nether regions to attract sensual attention whether over lingerie or bare skin.

Sailor Softskin Packer

A soft packer for transmen who want to have a bulge that can pass both look and grope realism tests and be comfortable for longterm wear.

Cleopatra 24k Gold Plated Brass and Enamel Snakes Nipple Clamps Necklace

A luxurious 24k gold plated lariat style necklace with black and white enameled snakes on both ends concealing alligator clamps.