Amelia Stainless Steel Nipple Clamps Necklace

This stainless steel lariat necklace has an industrial look with pendants on each end that are screw-adjustable nipple clamps.

Each item in this line of unique, stylish jewelry converts to some sort of fetish toy. This part of the line is inspired by Amelia Earhart’s bold, adventurous life in an age when industry and innovation were booming. The Amelia Nipple Clamps Necklace is a stainless steel lariat necklace with an industrial look conceals a kinky surprise in plain sight—each end of the 44” chain features a pendant that doubles as an adjustable nipple clamp (shown in close-up in the lower right corner), allowing you to dial up the intensity of the night as you see fit.

The clamps are 1-1/8" diameter, 1/4" thick, have a maximum opening 5/16”, and are adjusted using the screws from which they hang. The plates on the end of the screws have small bumps to increase gripping power. Unfortunately, our tester found them somewhat fiddly to use—the screws aren’t soldered to the plates, so those plates wobble on the tip of the screw and tilt as they encounter the nipple, especially if it isn't perfectly centered, meaning you don’t get even pressure and grip unless you manually straighten the plates as you screw them down. Of course, what our tester found to be frustrating with her tiny nipples might not be as much of an issue when used on bigger nipples offering a larger surface to grip (in fact, our tester tried them on some foam earplugs to represent larger nipples and they worked better), so your mileage may vary. Comes packaged in a cloth bag inside a jewelry box tied with a ribbon.

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