Buck Dich Paddle/Dildo

This all-silicone toy has a substantial paddle at one end and a curved, ridged dildo at the other end to deliver all sorts of fun.

The all-silicone Bück Dich (German for "bend over") is a 2-in-1 toy for pleasure and pain play. On one end you’ve got a paddle that’s about 5” tall and 5” at the widest point. The paddle has substantial weight and the silicone is firm yet pliable, giving the paddle nice flexibility for spanking play, plus it features a textured side and smooth side for a variety of caressing sensations on those tender, freshly smacked buttocks (neither of our testers could really tell a difference in the textures when receiving the spankings).

On the other end, instead of a standard handle, there’s a dildo that’s curved and thoroughly ridged along the inside curve to deliver extreme stimulation used either vaginally or anally, plus more ridges on the base flange providing extra stimulation to the external areas while inserted. The curve at the end is particularly well shaped for G-spot or prostate stimulation. The insertable length is 4-3/4”, the widest point of the shaft is 1-3/4”, and the ridged base of the dildo is a little under 3” wide. Overall length of the toy is about 12-1/2”.

Our testers found that the curve of the dildo/handle means considerable variability in whether you’re delivering stingy or thud smacks, depending which hand you use, how you hold it, and what angle you use to reach the cheek you’re paddling. You might have to get creative in order to achieve your perfect delivery if you want entirely consistent results, but we believe that experimentation is one of the joys of sex-play, so have at it! We also tested how the paddle worked as a handle when guiding the dildo for penetration. Our testing couple found that it functioned better as a handle for her self-penetration than for him to be “driving” it to penetrate her but the paddle does work quite well for either self or partner controlled twisting action if you really want to increase the internal stimulation.

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