Canes, Crops and Rods

What's Cool in Canes, Crops and Rods?

Ruff-ined Leather Crop With Chrome Details

This sleek and elegant crop features a rounded black leather tip, black nylon shaft with metal accents and a black rubbery grip.

Smiley Face Leather Crop

This cute, iconic smiley face leather crop will leave an imprint, so smack a smile into your favorite bottom and have fun!

Gold Star Leather Crop

The tip of this crop is a metallic gold leather star. Is it a reward system, a magic wand? It can be anything you want it to be.

Dominate Me Leather Corset Crop

Use a crop as fashionably kinky as you are—the tip of this crop features a black & white corset with red buttons and metal studs.

Lasting Imprint Hearts Leather Crop

This pink leather and black suede heart shaped crop has little heart cutouts that will leave heart marks behind on your love’s behind.

Sweet Sting Faux Leather Riding Crop

A classically styled crop with faux leather tip, soft rubber handle, and leather wrist strap, for all your stinging smacking needs.

Devil Girl Leather Crop

The red & black nylon shaft of this crop is topped with a sexy devil girl to seduce and thrill.

Vinyl Riding Crop

A compact black vinyl riding crop that you can stash in your purse, for discipline on the go.

Colored Leather Riding Crop

The soft, lush, brightly colored leather of this crop lets you feel pretty and feminine while dominating your partner.

Madame's Mystique Satin Damask and Leather Crop

This 25” long nylon shaft and wooden handle crop is topped with a circle of leather accented with red satin damask on the front.

Leather Rose Crop

A lovely red leather rose tips this beautiful crop, perfect to create a rosy bottom.

Fluffy Faux Fur & Leather Heart Crop

Alternate between soft, romantic caresses with the fluffy faux fur and stinging smacks with the black leather back of this cute heart crop.

Head Nurse Leather Crop

Wanna play doctor? Or how about naughty nurse? This playful crop is the perfect accessory for your roleplay.

Pink & Black Herringbone Leather Crop

This high quality crop features pink and black leather woven over the shaft in a herringbone pattern and black leather tip.

Kitty Cat Leather Crop

A whippy 20" black-and-pink crop with an adorable kitty cat head for the tip.