CiCi Metal Massager with Silicone Sleeve

This waterproof stainless steel vibe with a silicone sleeve gives you both hard and soft options and 10 powerful vibration modes.

CiCi is an elegant metal vibrator that can be enjoyed alone for the cool, hard metal against your body. In fact, it can be chilled (in the fridge or ice water) or warmed (in warm water) for temperature play. It warms with your body temperature pretty quickly, so if you want to keep up the cooling play you’ll want to keep that ice water mug close by for rechilling. Or slip on the included silicone sleeve for a softer play surface and a slightly thicker diameter.

This waterproof vibrator has an extremely powerful motor with 10 vibration modes. Hold down the button for about three seconds to turn it on, then cycle through each setting with a quick click of the same button. Turn it off by holding for three seconds again. Our tester’s only complaint about this toy was that the button required a pretty hard push, although it did seem to “loosen up” a bit as it was pushed over and over. It’s a good-sized button and silicone covered, so even though you might have to push hard, it’s not as hard against your finger as it would be if it was metal.

CiCi has the simple design and luxurious appearance of a high-end personal massager, and yet it's a bit less expensive than similar metal vibes. It comes in a satin-lined padded box and includes a storage bag if the box is too big for your ongoing storage needs.

A bit over 6-1/2” long, and nearly 11/16” in diameter by itself, with the sleeve it's nearly 1" at the widest point. Requires 2 AAA batteries, which are included, tucked inside the storage pouch, although please note we won't guarantee the batteries will be any good, since we don't know how long they’ve been in storage. We also sell Dead Batteries, AAA 4-pack separately.

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