Cleopatra 24k Gold Plated Brass, Leather, and Peacock Feather Earring Nipple Clamps

These exotic leather and peacock feather earring dangles slip off the hinged posts to become adjustable loop nipple “clamps”. Glamorous!

From a new line of unique fetish accessories that function gorgeously as body adornments comes the Cleopatra line inspired by a woman who knows how to channel her sexuality to get exactly what she wants. Full of luxurious ornate detailing, these pieces are perfect for any modern day empress.

Dangling from your ears appear to be simple exotic peacock feather earrings, but slip the leather and feather loops off hinged post earring structure and you’ve got yourself a set of adjustable loop-style nipple clamps to tease and tickle. Nearly 4” long overall. The posts are 24k plated brass.

Packaged carefully in tissue inside a cloth bag inside a jewelry box with bow.

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