Electro Erotic Neon Wand

The modern, safer way to enjoy skin-surface electrical play with varying intensities and two light color choices.

The Neon Wand is a popular device that creates an electrical discharge across the surface of the skin. The electricity produces sensations over a broad range, from a pleasurably warm tingling, to a more intense, focused sensation that some find painful. The level of sensation created by the wand can be controlled both by a multi-level intensity dial on the wand itself, and also by which electrode you choose to use.

It comes with 4 different glass attachments (Electrode Comb, Mushroom Tube, 90° Probe, Tongue Tube) that will be a thrill to experiment with and has an 8 foot cord, just in case your outlets are further from your play space than you might prefer. At its highest setting, the Neon Wand will produce an intense sensation, but it does not quite reach the sometimes painful levels that traditional electric ray wands can. This makes it the perfect choice for intermediate and advanced users who prefer using electric ray wands in a more sensual manner, while it is safer and more accessible for beginners.

Please read all directions carefully before use and play responsibly.

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