Fabric Restraints

What's Cool in Fabric Restraints?

Bettie Page Sweet on Satin and Faux Leather Restraints Set

53” satin tethers with faux leather quilted cuffs sewn on top slip around wrists and ankles with an adjustable fit via D-rings. Set of 4.

Beginner's Velboa Handcuffs

Two cuffs made from short pile faux fur, Velcro strips, and key-ring style metal loops holding 2" nickel-free metal clips. Max size 13”.

Silky Ribbon

A long silk ribbon for you to explore soft bondage. Use as a blindfold, wrist or ankle ties, or maybe just wrapping yourself up as a gift.

Kinky Fuckery Wild Couples Kit

This navy & black kinky kit has a blindfold, wrist cuffs, mini flogger, vibrating cock ring, nipple teasers, and a mini set of anal beads.

Bed Bondage Restraint Kit (Nylon and Velboa)

These adjustable straps and fabric cuffs slip under your mattress for anchoring and storage and turn your bed into a bondage playground.

Adjustable Fabric Handcuffs

Soft low-pile faux fur adjustable cuffs with Velcro closures connect with an adjustable nylon strap.

Hard Limits Universal Fabric Restraints

This set of 4 Velcro fastening satin cuffs can be clipped to each other or to the under-mattress straps for more secure restraint.

The Confession Kit

This amazing bargain kit from Lelo includes a Tiani 3 in Cerise, Sutra Chainlink Cuffs in Purple, and a tube of Lelo Personal Moisturizer.

Boa Silk Pleasure Ties

Long silk ties loop through rings to bind ankles or wrists. A pouch of pearls at the end works to anchor them as over-the-door restraints.

Etherea Silk and Suede Cuffs

These ultra luxurious silk & suede cuffs fit wrists or ankles and feature long ties to close and anchor the cuffs for submissive pleasures.

Resist No Evil Neoprene Cuffs

Playful yet durable, these sturdy Velcro cuffs are bound to keep you where you belong.

Elastabind Cuffs

A clever wide elastic band sewn up into two tubes with an added D-ring. Slip your wrists in and submit!

Elastabind Kit

Wide elastic bands sewn into tubes for wrist and ankle cuffs, plus an adjustable tether with snap clips. Combine in any variety you like!

SXY Neoprene Cuffs

A cleverly designed neoprene cuff for crossed wrist bondage with simple Velcro closures and a D-ring if you want a little more restraint.

Frou Frou Satin Organza Handcuffs

Romantic satin and organza handcuffs subtly suggest you might be willing to submit if the proposal is provocative enough!

Bettie Page Wild n' Willing Faux Leather Wrist Cuffs

Quilted faux leather lined with velvet make these adjustable cuffs both stylish and comfortable. 7” connecting chain is fully removable.

Totally His Soft Handcuffs

These cuffs are strong and comfortable with velcro straps, a soft velvet lining, and sleek satin exterior. Great for beginner bondage.

Silky Sash Restraints

Two luxurious silky polyester sashes, each 4 feet long and 4 inches wide make versatile wrist or ankle restraints or use as blindfolds.

Adore Me Kit

This all-red kit contains silk & suede cuffs, a silk blindfold, and a lipstick vibrator all from the luxury toy company Lelo.

5-Piece Faux Mink Fur Love Bonds Set

Package includes a black faux fur eye mask and two each of ankle and wrist bonds made of faux fur and sturdy nylon webbing.

Ana's Trilogy Kit 1

This kit has a silk blindfold, lipstick vibrator, pleasure feather, and stainless steel & purple stone nipple clamps.

Bondage Flower

This ribbon flower unfurls into a connected set of ribbons for light wrist/ankle/leg bondage or blindfold use. Refolds into a flower easily.

Satin Mask & Cuff Set

This cuff & mask set has light pink satin fabric with black trim on the outside. The mask is black inside and the cuffs have pink faux fur.

Sutra Chainlink Silk & Suede Cuffs

Sexy, soft, luxurious silk and suede wrist cuffs joined by silk and metal chain help create a new level in your sensual play.

Madame's Mystique Wrist Cuffs

These red and black floral patterned fabric and black lace cuffs are corseted with long black ribbons and also have a chain to connect them.

Happily Ever After Kits

These lovely red or white kits consist of satin self-adhesive, reusable pasties, garter, organza handcuffs, and a playful feather tickler.

Juliette Silk Cuffs de Luxe

Fetish & fashion mix in these hand sewn long silk ties encrusted with Swarovski Crystals. Get your pretty & your kink on simultaneously!

Promise To Obey Arm Restraint Set

Universally sized faux fur lined arm cuffs suitable for both genders and all sizes, and versatile enough for use on wrists, arms and ankles.

Dare Me Kit

Explore sensual foreplay with this all-black kit including silk & suede cuffs, a suede whip, and PC exerciser balls all from Lelo.