Fun Factory Toybags

Sturdy, water-resistant, zippered metallic beige Tyvek bags keep your toys safe from lint, dust and prying eyes while stored or traveling.

It’s always a good idea to keep your toys stored properly to avoid problems with gathering lint and dust in between uses and if you’ve got multiple toys it’s especially important to keep them from touching each other because the materials can react to each other and cause damage if they’re touching in storage. One possibility is classic plastic zip-top sandwich or freezer bags, but those are transparent, so they’re not particularly good at keeping your privacy if someone happens to see the bag at home or during travel. These sturdy, water-resistant, zippered, metallic tan Tyvek Toybags from Fun Factory come to the rescue. Available in three sizes, to fit a variety of toys and play supplies. The Small is 7” by just under 4-3/4”, the Medium is 10” by just under 4-3/4”, and the Large is 12” by just under 6-5/16”.