Hello Touch X Silicone Fingertip Vibrator/E-stim

This USB-rechargable toy straps to your wrist and allows use of 2 vibrating pods or 2 e-stim pods to explore your pleasure.

An evolution from the basic Hello Touch (no longer available) which only vibrates, Hello Touch X is unlike with any other pleasure product. Choose between two sets of ultra-compact Pleasure Pods – powerful vibration or electro-stimulation – to deliver sensation anywhere hands may roam to massage, pinch, and thrill. With two interchangeable products in one, partners can enjoy twice the provocative possibility. With the addition of electro-stimulation, pleasure play is taken to a whole new level, allowing users to touch naturally while getting supernatural results. Enjoy ten levels and six pulsation modes of e-stim or a single vibration level with one of the quietest vibrating motors on the market. With an easily washable wristband and waterproof silicone material, Hello Touch X is shower and bath safe, but is only rated as water-resistant and shouldn’t be submerged (so if you’re playing in the tub, keep the controller above the water line.) USB rechargeable.

Our testers had mixed feelings about this product. While the vibrating pods did provide a surprisingly strong vibration for such tiny pads, there were also frustrations involved in using the toy. The silicone finger straps are a bit tight for larger hands, including our male tester, and can cause numbing to the wearer. Our female tester, however, didn’t have trouble with numbing from the straps. It’s sometimes takes some experimentation to get the pads onto your fingers at the right angles for certain uses, so try to remember to enjoy the adventure of figuring out what works for you. And our female tester, who has some pleasing experience with other e-stim toys, found the e-stim on this too sharp for her enjoyment. Your mileage may vary, of course, so we still think this product can be fun for others who enjoy a more shocking e-stim experience than our tester.

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