Krush Silicone Kegel Exerciser

Vibrating Kegel balls with sensors and an app with exercises to help improve PC muscle fitness. Can also be used just for vibrating fun.

Krush Kegel exerciser helps strengthen the pelvic floor muscle which weakens over time due to childbirth and age. The sensors inside the larger bulb measure the pressure, control, endurance and grip of the PC muscle. There’s a handy “anchor” included to help you keep the device properly located in the PC zone (just 1” inside the vagina), in case, like our tester, you find that squeezing tends to pull it deeper in and then the sensors aren’t in the right location to measure your squeezes.

Can be used by itself with vibration feedback to let you know you’re squeezing it in the right place. But most ladies will want to use with the tasl app to access pelvic floor training courses that feature voice-guided training (which can be male or female and can be muted), vibrations (the strength of which you can control) from the smaller bulb to cue you when to squeeze as well as on-screen cues, real-time visual feedback of PC muscle activity, and goal setting and rewards. The app is compatible with both iPhone and Android.

Krush can also be used in fun mode—vibrating for pleasure rather than exercise—by default without the app it’s a constant vibration but with the app various patterns of vibration that can be unlocked by doing the training.

The balls are about 3-1/8” long in total, with a 4-7/8” long antenna/extraction cord. The top ball is a little over 1-3/16” in diameter while the bottom ball is a little under 1-3/8” in diameter. The balls are charged using the USB cable that’s included. Also comes with a storage pouch to keep it safe and clean between uses. Fully waterproof so clean-up is super easy.

Phones not included, of course!

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