Metal or Silicone Restraints and Handcuffs

What's Cool in Metal or Silicone Restraints and Handcuffs?

Pink Faux Fur Metal Handcuffs

Double-locking black metal handcuffs are covered in super-soft pink faux fur providing feminine looking comfort and sturdy control.

Plaisir Nacre Pearl and Chain Handcuffs

Cuffs made of pearly beads. The middle chain is 8-1/2" long and the pearl portion on each side is 5-1/4". This total length is roughly 20".

Désir Métallique Mesh Handcuffs

Metallic mesh cuffs can be worn as bracelets and joined together with included chain to become light bondage cuffs.

Intro to S&M Kit

Explore S&M on the cheap with these faux-fur covered metal handcuffs, a satin blindfold, and a 16” vinyl fabric flogger.

Beginner’s Furry Metal Handcuffs

These metal cuffs with soft faux fur covering are firm and comfy, with a quick-release button if you lose the keys.

Cleopatra 24k Gold Plated Stainless Steel Bangle Handcuffs

Take these stackable gold bangles out on the town and see what kind of excuse you can find to turn them into sexy handcuffs.

Amelia Stainless Steel Bangle Handcuffs

Are they bangles? Are they handcuffs? They’re both! Wear these as a sexy fashion statement and you’re ready for kinky play at any moment.

Snappy Silicone Cuffs

Cool, soft, and stretchy silicone cuffs with 6-levels of snap-closing adjustability come in three colors for wrists or ankles.

You. Are. Mine. Metal Handcuffs

Adjustable locking metal handcuffs with an emergency release lever engraved with You. Are. Mine.

Za Za Zu Feather and Chain Handcuffs

Fluffy marabou lined wrist cuffs adorn the ends of a 27” chain, making these cuffs adjustable to any wrist size.

Magnifique Chain Cuffs

These cuffs made of chains can be worn as bracelets and joined together with included chain to become light bondage cuffs.

Black Faux Fur Metal Handcuffs

Metal handcuffs covered in short pile black faux fur for comfort with a strong hold.

Quickie Cuffs (Silicone)

These soft and strong silicone are flexible enough to fit hands or ankles, but robust enough to remain firmly in place during play.