Moi Box Deluxe

A matching set of locking lacquered wooden box and soft-sided zippered nylon bag for discreet toy and supply storage.

The sleek lacquered MDF Moi Box Deluxe has understated good looks that can blend in pretty much anywhere for discreet toy storage. It fits three large toys (depending on shape, of course!) even with the Mini case housed inside. The Mini sits on top of a couple of small “ledges” on either end inside the box. The slot in the back (an intentional gap between the box and the lid) accommodates charging cables for simultaneous storage and charging (although if your toy stands more than 5” tall on the charging base it won’t fit in here with the lid closed). A genuine cowhide flap (NOTE: the flap is actually tan, not slate as shown in the photos! apparently there's been a manufacturing change since the photos were done) slips over the stainless steel latch to hold the included stainless steel combination lock and keep your toys from prying eyes. The exterior is 9-3/4” wide x 6-7/8” deep x 5-5/8” high. The interior is 9-1/8” wide x 6-1/4” deep x 5-1/4” high. There’s some thin velvety fabric covering the bottom of the box which we assume is so it doesn’t scratch the surface wherever you decide to put it; it doesn’t really provide enough friction to be intended to keep the box from sliding on a smooth surface.

The Moi Box Deluxe includes a Moi Box Mini, a soft-sided nylon zippered bag which can fit in a drawer or nightstand if you need extra space in your Deluxe and makes a great travel carrier if you want to take your toys on the road. A mesh pocket fits condoms and other small items. Rubberized woven elastic straps keeps larger toys in place while an antibacterial coating discourages the growth of germs. The exterior is 9” wide x 6” deep x 2-3/8” high.

Pictured toys and supplies not included.

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