Paddles and Slappers

What's Cool in Paddles and Slappers?

Spank-her Faux Fur & Leather Heart Paddle

This heart-shaped paddle delivers soft caresses from faux fur on one side and stinging smacks from leather on the other.

Madame's Mystique Fabric/Leather Paddle

Lovely padded red and black satin damask fabric is backed with black leather and reinforced with a steel insert in this sexy paddle.

Embroidered & Jeweled Leather Paddle

Authentic Indian stitching in silver or gold turn one this paddle into a work of art while the back is smooth black leather for firm smacks.

Betty Page Picture This Faux Leather Spanking Bat

This paddle has quilted faux leather on one side and the smooth side features a classic Betty Page “spank me” image for kinky inspiration.

Naughty 'Lil School Girl Slapper

Be an overachiever & accessorize your schoolgirl outfit with this 12" wooden ruler wrapped with leather for a soft, firm grip.

Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle

Silver and black padded satin and faux leather slapper for a variety of sensations.

Betty Page Picture Perfect Faux Leather Spanking Paddle

With quilted faux leather on one side and a fabulous photo of Betty Page on the smooth side, every stroke of this spanker is delightful.

Buck Dich Paddle/Dildo

This all-silicone toy has a substantial paddle at one end and a curved, ridged dildo at the other end to deliver all sorts of fun.

Pink Fur Slapper

This rigid slapper has one side with black leather and the other with pink faux fur, great for alternating firm slaps and soothing caresses.