Phthalate-free Plastic Vibrators

What's Cool in Phthalate-free Plastic Vibrators?

Bgood ABS/PU Vibrator

An updated, classier version of the traditional torpedo vibrator.

Wand Essentials 7-Speed TPR Head Rechargeable Massager

A rechargeable wand vibrator with seven speeds that's quieter than your old favorite.

Vibrating Nukkles (Plastic)

A one of a kind, hand-held vibrating massage product that helps you provide “the world’s greatest back rubs”.

Wand Essentials 7-Speed TPR Head Corded Massager

A plug-in wand vibrator with seven speeds that's quieter than your old favorite.

Nea ABS Rechargeable Vibrator

This tiny little piece of vibrating art is just the thing for direct — or indirect — clitoral stimulation.

Bgee Classic Plus ABS/PU Vibrator

This slender G-spot vibe has 5 vibration modes concentrated in that bulbous angled head for better G-spot stimulation.

Magic Wand Original Vinyl Head Corded Massager

Classic plug-in 2-speed vibe with large, soft head offers deep, rich vibrations diffused over a wide area.

We Aim To Please ABS Bullet Vibe

Sleek and slender with an elegant reflective silver finish, this 1-speed clitoral vibrator intensifies solo pleasure and enhances foreplay.

I Rub My Duckie Vibrator (ABS/PVC)

This little waterproof duck is not as innocent as it looks, vibrating its way into your steamy, hot little... um, world.

Echo Rechargeable ABS Vibe

A USB rechargeable palm-sized curved vibe with 5 vibration modes to run over your body, and particularly your clit.

Unihorn ABS Vibrator

This pretty little ABS vibrator has a slightly rippled horn shape providing 10 modes of reasonably strong vibrations for a battery vibe.

Lux Rose Gold ABS Bullet Vibe

An elongated battery-powered ABS bullet vibe in shiny rose-gold with 10 vibration modes—3 straight vibration levels and 7 patterns.

Lily ABS Rechargeable Vibrator

Elegantly designed for women (but also enjoyed by men), this rechargeable pleasure object comes with a satin bag and gift box.

Fukuoku 9000 (Plastic w/Silicone Slipcovers)

A tiny vibe that turns your finger into a vibrator. All the vibration of toys without the bulk.

Breeze 3-Speed Rubber Coated ABS Massager 5

A very slim 3-speed vibe for surface or vaginal play.

Adore Me Kit

This all-red kit contains silk & suede cuffs, a silk blindfold, and a lipstick vibrator all from the luxury toy company Lelo.

Mini Wand Massager

A battery-powered mini wand massager that’s super powerful yet very discreet with a fully adjustable control.

Rabbit Habit Elastomer Vibrator

Sparkly lavender elastomer "Bunny Vibe" with a grinding shaft and controls located on the handle.

Wand Essentials Variable-Speed TPR Head Corded Body Massager

This mid-sized, lightweight, powerful, quiet vibrator has a smaller head for pinpoint deep tissue massage. Pink model comes with attachment.

I Rub My Duckie ABS/PVC Travel-Size Vibrator

The classic rubber ducky bath toy becomes an adult favorite with a one-speed vibrator and lots of colors and costumes to choose from.

Queen Bee TPE/ABS Clit Vibe

This rechargeable, waterproof clit vibe delivers deep, rumbly oscillations in 7 strengths and 5 patterns though a piston-type PulsePlate.

Ana's Trilogy Kit 1

This kit has a silk blindfold, lipstick vibrator, pleasure feather, and stainless steel & purple stone nipple clamps.

Peggy Rechargeable Silicone/ABS Remote Controlled Egg

This silicone/ABS, waterproof, USB-rechargeable egg is remote-controlled and has 5 modes, each with adjustable speeds.

Bnaughty Classic Unleashed ABS/PU Wireless Remote Bullet Vibe

This wireless waterproof bullet vibe with 5-function remote control lets you bring the play anywhere and allow your partner to be in charge.

Bnaughty Classic ABS/PU Bullet Vibe

A waterproof bullet vibe made of silky velvet touch body-safe medical-grade plastic features 5 functions.

G-Spot Rose Gold ABS Vibrator

This shiny rose-gold ABS vibe is shaped for G-spot play, waterproof, and has 10 powerful vibration modes.

Mia 2 Rechargeable ABS Vibrator

The lipstick vibe goes high-end! This elegant and whisper quiet vibrator packs 6 powerful vibrating patterns into a small, elegant package.

Breeze Flow ABS Vibrator

This slim, straight, 5” long vibrator features pretty scrolling design on the surface and provides 3 levels of intense vibration.

PowerBullet 2-1/4” ABS/Metallic UV-Coat

A 3-speed, waterproof, 2-1/4” long, 3/4” diameter bullet vibe available in three pretty metallic colors.

Iconic Pocket ABS Vibrator

This pocket vibe is surprisingly powerful and can be used with the cap on or without the cap for varied sensations.

Naughtibod 3.0 ABS/PU Music Activated Vibrator

This vibrator has an undulating sculpted shape and can vibrate to music, via pre-programmed modes, or via an iOS/Android app.

Fun Factory Thermoplast Bullet

A 5-function USB rechargeable waterproof bullet vibe for external use only. Can replace bullet in Duke or Sharevibe.

We-Vibe Tango Rechargeable ABS Vibrator

Lipstick vibes have come a long way. This one has 8 vibration modes, is waterproof, and charges via USB.

FeMani ABS Vibrating Massage Wand Kits

Therapeutic vibrator sets with an easy-to-hold removable 3-speed handle & different sized ends for sexual health treatment of just for fun.

Fembot Rechargeable TPR Head Wand

This vintage-looking USB-rechargeable wand has soft-touch buttons and an LED display for 8 vibration levels and 1 ramping mode.

Rabbit Habit Original Deluxe Elastomer Vibrator

Sparkly lavender elastomer "Bunny Vibe" now with an upgraded drive system, deeper vibration motor, and independent push-button controls.

Twenty-One Rechargeable Gold Plated ABS Vibrator

A gold plated ABS diamond-shaped vibrator with 7 patterns & 3 vibration intensities delivers luxurious sensations via a variety of surfaces.

Lily 2 ABS Delicately Scented Rechargeable Vibrator

This lovely feeling, waterproof, USB-rechargeable clit vibe with 8 strengths is infused with aphrodisiac scents.

The Alibi Kit

A bargain kit from Lelo about discrete pleasure for her: includes Mia 2 in Black, Luna Beads Noir, and a tube of Lelo Personal Moisturizer.

Liberte ABS Ergonomic Vibrator

A classy, ergonomically-designed vibrator with a curve to stimulate your G-spot.

PantyVibe ABS Vibrator and Lace Panty Set

This 3 speed, 4 vibration pattern mini-vibe comes with a pair of black lace boyleg panties with specially fitted pocket for the vibe.

Atomic ABS Vibrator

This shiny, sleek, waterproof, ABS toy has a split tip for a variety of uses and 10 surprisingly strong vibrating modes for a battery toy.

Soft Rain ABS Bullet Vibe

This 7-function waterproof bullet vibe has a teardrop shape with a smooth surface.

blueMotion Nex|1 Rechargeable App Controlled ABS/PU Vibrator

Tuck this slim vibe into your panties and control it from a smartphone via Bluetooth; you can even control it remotely over the internet.

Rain Textured ABS Bullet Vibe

This 7-function waterproof bullet vibe features a wet-look with a textured finish that mimics the look of little raised water droplets.

Forbidden Fruit Rechargeable ABS Vibrator

This shiny red apple vibrates with 5 intensities and 7 patterns via the little green stem switch. Delicious!

Club Vibe 2.0 Music Activated ABS/PU Vibrator

The music/voice-activated vibe goes wireless! The body-hugging design responds to ambient sound or programmed modes via a remote control.

Charlie Tango Classic PU Coated ABS Vibrator

A smooth, classic, silvery vibe for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation with a range of powerful vibrations via adjustable scroll wheel.

Wand Essentials 8-Speed Turbo Pearl TPR Head Vibrator

This 8-speed plug-in wand vibrator allows you to create your own pattern—push the turbo whenever you want a burst of amplified vibration.

Freestyle G Wireless ABS/PU Music Activated Vibrator

Vibrate your G-spot to music or special modes via iOS/Android app from up to 25 feet away or just use the 7 built-in vibration modes.

Bmine Classic Curve ABS Vibrator

This little waterproof ABS vibe with a flawlessly shaped curved tip is great at pinpointing pleasure with its 5-functions.

Nea 2 ABS Rechargeable Vibrator

This tiny waterproof vibrator with 8 modes and pretty floral decorations is just the thing for direct — or indirect — clitoral stimulation.

Wand Essentials 8-Speed 8-Mode TPR Head Corded Massager

Dial through 8 speeds and push the button through 8 vibration modes on this wand vibrator to find the perfect combination for any mood.

Breeze Dahlia ABS/Rubber G-spot Vibrator

This vibrator is uniquely shaped with a larger head to hit the G-spot, and then the perfect curve for clitoral stimulation at three speeds.

Eroscillator 2 Vibrator w/TPR Attachments

This is the original oscillating sex toy endorsed by Dr. Ruth! Three attachment package options available.

Bgee Classic ABS/PU Vibrator

This slender G-spot vibe has five speed vibrations concentrated in that angled head for better G-spot stimulation.

We-Vibe Tango Pleasure Mate Collection Rechargeable ABS Vibe and Silicone Sleeves

In this kit you get a rechargeable lipstick vibe plus two silicone sleeves that fit the vibe, 1 for G-spot play and another for butt play.

Breeze Wisteria G Rubber Coated ABS Vibrator

A very slim waterproof vibe with a broader, curved end for clit or G-spot stimulation at 3 speeds.

Pocket Pleasure ABS Vibe

A waterproof pocket vibe that provides powerful, intense vibrations and has 4 different attachments to apply different massage effect.

Onye Kenya ABS/Elastomer Vibrators

Unleash your inner animal with these small 3-speed plastic and silicone vibes in wild animal colors.

Breeze 3-1/2” ABS PowerBullet

This 3-1/2” long, 3/4” diameter waterproof bullet has a soft-touch rubber coating for smooth sliding against your skin.

Bmine Classic ABS Vibrator

This little waterproof ABS vibe with unique ridges on the shaft is great at pinpointing pleasure with its 5-functions.

Bnaughty Premium Unleashed ABS/PU Wireless Remote Bullet Vibe

7-function, LED screen, wireless remote bullet vibe for discreet pleasure or to share with someone else.