Remoji Diver Silicone Rechargeable App-Controlled Egg

A waterproof silicone egg vibe that can run manually but really shines when you use the 6 musically-themed modes in the app to control it.

The Remoji Diver is an egg-type vibe that uses the Remoji app (for iOS or Android, requires Bluetooth in both systems and Locations in Android [although that’s only for connection stability and low battery requirements]). The app starts with three musically-themed vibration modes: Punk (steady vibration), Indie (rapid pulses), Techno (slower pulses). All modes have four levels of strength adjustable by sliding on the level bars, plus there’s a lightning bolt that puts you into the highest steady vibration available on the toy for as long as you touch the icon. As you play with the app you earn extra modes including HipHop (ramping up and down) and Dubstep (ramping up), and by signing up for their newsletter you can also get Jazzy (ramping up combined with three pulses). Each vibration mode is accompanied by loops of a few seconds of appropriate music, which you can turn off in the settings or by using your phone’s switch to go to silent mode.

The toy can also be used without the app; instead of stopping after the initial press to turn the toy on and put it in Bluetooth mode, press again to go into the first mode, repeated presses move through all 6 on-board modes, which are slightly different from the app modes: steady vibration, four levels of pulses, and ramping up. Unfortunately, the button location means that if you’re using it in manual mode and have it inserted, you won’t be able to change modes without pulling it out first.

The Diver itself is a silicone vibrator (with a contrasting patch of ABS on one side with the logo on it) that they call an “egg” since the main body is ovoid, but our tester thought it looked more like a sperm because instead of a more typical thin loop extraction cord it’s got a flexible “tail” which incorporates the charging port. The egg shape is designed for insertion and G-spot stimulation, but it also works nicely externally as a clit vibe or on other areas you might want to vibrate (nipples, balls, taints, for example). The overall length at rest is just over 5-5/8”, just about 3” of that is the egg, which is a little under 1-3/8” in diameter at the widest point. It’s waterproof and charges via a special USB cable.

This is not meant to be an anal toy; if you want to stick something Remoji controlled up your butt see the Remoji Surfer.

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