Rock Mini Silicone Rechargeable Wand

An ultra quiet, ultra-powerful USB rechargeable wand-style 7-mode mini personal massager made of hot pink silicone.

The Rock Massager is an ultra quiet, ultra-powerful USB rechargeable mini personal massager made of medical grade silicone. Its luxurious, elegant design and smooth, soft silicone make this a must have personal massager. For those who enjoy the higher power of a wand vibrator but find the heads of classic wands a bit too large, this fits nicely for clitoral play, shallow insertion play, and working a sore shoulder muscle.

The seven vibration modes do not match what the instruction booklet says; in reality they include low, medium, and high steady vibration, rapid pulses, ramping up, two rapid pulses and then a longer steady vibration, and four rapid pulses followed by two longer pulses. There’s a separate power button and a single + button to rotate unendingly through the modes. It’s a little over 7-1/2” long and a little shy of 1-5/8” in diameter. Comes with a charging cable (but not a plug) and storage bag.

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