What's Cool in Sleeves?

Pocket Pulse Silicone Cock Vibrator

This USB-rechargeable, waterproof, silicone masturbation sleeve has 2 motors to add deep, powerful vibrations to your stroking action.

Palm-Tec LX TPR Stroker

An ergonomically contoured exterior and taut interior that is ribbed in the middle and nubbed at the entrance for masturbatory satisfaction.

BlewIt TPE Masturbation Sleeve

Hidden inside what looks like an artsy air freshener is a soft skin tube for your wanking pleasure. A flip cap makes the suction adjustable.

Palm-Tec Overdrive Vibrating TPR Sleeve

Designed to fit the palm just right, the interior is tight enough for friction and contains ultra-satisfying inner texture. Optional vibe.

Hand Solo Silicone Vibrating Masturbator

An open sleeve silicone masturbator with textured inner contours and a single speed bullet vibe provide extra wanking sensation.

Hummmingbird TPR Masturbator Attachment

Wand vibes aren’t just for the ladies. Add this attachment to a wand vibe, slip your cock in, and vibe ‘n slide away!

Pulse III Solo Silicone Cock Vibrator

This silicone toy uses oscillations to stimulate a man. Use flaccid or erect, with or without lube, for different sensations.

Pocket Pulse Remote Silicone Cock Vibrator

This rechargeable, waterproof, silicone masturbator has 2 motors to add deep, powerful vibrations adjustable on-board or by remote control.

Palm-Tec DX TPR Masturbation Sleeve

This sleeve features a ribbed interior and tapered tunnel, so you can choose from two differently sized openings.

Pulse III Duo Silicone Couple's Vibrator

This silicone toy stimulates via oscillations. Use flaccid or erect, while your lady grinds on the other side. Remote control included.

Remoji Blowhole Rechargeable App-Controlled M-Cup

A vibrating silicone masturbation cup that can run manually but really shines when you control it with the 6 musically-themed app modes.

Oxxy Rechargeable Silicone Vibrating Masturbator

A high-tech silicone-lined rechargeable vibrating male masturbator with 7 built-in modes or pair it with your phone and vibe to your music.

VerSpanken H2O TPR & PP Strokers

This clever wanking tool allows you to vary pressure and temperature and, with optional replacement parts, vary texture. Variety is the key!

Palm-Tec Hot Rod TPR Masturbation Sleeve

This TPR masturbation sleeve features an ergonomically contoured exterior and a taut, ribbed inner tunnel, topped by a pair of pouting lips.