What's Cool in SM?

Désir Métallique Mesh Handcuffs

Metallic mesh cuffs can be worn as bracelets and joined together with included chain to become light bondage cuffs.

Betty Page Picture This Faux Leather Spanking Bat

This paddle has quilted faux leather on one side and the smooth side features a classic Betty Page “spank me” image for kinky inspiration.

Vegan Leather Leash

Combine this leash with any of our other vegan leather accessories to guide a partner’s movements or let a partner guide yours.

Pearl Tassel Nipple Clamps

Chrome plated tweezer clamps decorated with silver chain tassels complimented beautiful by the large round pearl and the six pearl drops.

Love Knot Mini Flogger

A mini suede flogger for stroking, teasing, and softer thuds, all tied up in a bow.

Cleopatra 24k Gold Plated Brass Whip Necklace

This ruched metal collar is all about beautiful sensual power when worn and when transformed into a whip.

See No Evil Neoprene Blindfold

These funky neoprene blindfolds lend fun, bright, youthful vibe to exploring your sexual/sensory boundaries.

Bondage Flower

This ribbon flower unfurls into a connected set of ribbons for light wrist/ankle/leg bondage or blindfold use. Refolds into a flower easily.

Silicone Rope

16 feet of buttery-soft silicone rope for comfortable and exciting bondage adventures is available in 3 colors.

Faux Mahogany Faux Leather Flogger

Whip or caress your partner with this vinyl flogger with lacquered wood handle. Beautifully designed with practical use in mind.

Magnifique Chain Collar

Worn for elegance and seduction, this chain collar can be attached to the matching cuffs for a truly connected BDSM experience.

Pearl & Color Bead Nipple Clamps

Shiny chrome short tweezer clamps are decorated with multi-faceted vibrant blue beads, silver findings, and a gorgeous pearl teardrop.

PVC Bondage Tape

Shiny self-clinging reusable PVC bondage tape for pain-free restraint or creating quick fetish outfits.

Pinwheel Pricker

A classic sensation play toy for creating pin-prick sensation.

Colored Leather Riding Crop

The soft, lush, brightly colored leather of this crop lets you feel pretty and feminine while dominating your partner.

Take No Evil Silicone Whip

This whip has silicone tassels and a neoprene handle for teasing or stinging play.

At My Mercy Chained Nipple Clamps

Adjustable tweezer clamps with silicone tips and a connecting chain that adds weight and allows tugging for extra sensation. Nickle-free.

Frou Frou Satin Organza Handcuffs

Romantic satin and organza handcuffs subtly suggest you might be willing to submit if the proposal is provocative enough!

Grey Leather Thong Whip

This high-quality, petite leather whip is made in 2 lovely shades of grey leather and works great to tease or to keep your partner in line.

Lust Links Deliver Silicone Flogger/ABS Vibrator

This multi-tasker is a silicone chain flogger and a 10-mode waterproof ABS vibrator, so you can explore pleasure and pain with just one toy.

Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Two individual screw-adjusted alligator-style rubber tipped clamps with black chrome waterproof three-speed bullet vibes attached.

Lacuna Stainless Steel Penis Jewel

This stainless steel sound is makes it look like your cock is pierced when it’s inserted. Has hollow core so you can ejaculate with it in.

Flogging Paddle

This leather slapper has a heart-shaped cutout in the end to remind you that each stinging blow is to be given and received with love.

Amelia Stainless Steel Bangle Handcuffs

Are they bangles? Are they handcuffs? They’re both! Wear these as a sexy fashion statement and you’re ready for kinky play at any moment.

Sweet Sting Faux Leather Riding Crop

A classically styled crop with faux leather tip, soft rubber handle, and leather wrist strap, for all your stinging smacking needs.

Beginner's Velboa Handcuffs

Two cuffs made from short pile faux fur, Velcro strips, and key-ring style metal loops holding 2" nickel-free metal clips. Max size 13”.

Magnus Magnetic Orbs

These stainless steel coated magnetic orbs pack some serious pressure when placed on sensitive flesh like nipples, cock, and balls.

Asylum Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Cage

This devious chastity cage is stainless steel and features a curved spine with enclosure rings and a removable cum-thru plug. Includes lock.

Fluffy Faux Fur & Leather Heart Crop

Alternate between soft, romantic caresses with the fluffy faux fur and stinging smacks with the black leather back of this cute heart crop.

Quickie Cuffs (Silicone)

These soft and strong silicone are flexible enough to fit hands or ankles, but robust enough to remain firmly in place during play.

Heart Adorned Leather and Faux Fur Wrist Cuffs

Adjustable black leather cuffs inlaid with pink hearts are lined with pink faux fur.

Candy Jawbreaker Ball Gag

The ball gag goes to Candyland! A PVC plastic buckled strap goes through a jawbreaker candy for sugary submissive fun.

Hollow Silicone Penis Plug With Barbell

This sexy black penis plug affords you the sensations of urethral play with a material that is flexible and lightweight.

Bed Bondage Restraint Kit (Nylon and Velboa)

These adjustable straps and fabric cuffs slip under your mattress for anchoring and storage and turn your bed into a bondage playground.

Suede and Faux Fur Floggers

These luxury floggers are a uniquely furry delight of soft suede and ultra soft faux fur, for a fun night of teasing and temptation.

Happily Ever After Kits

These lovely red or white kits consist of satin self-adhesive, reusable pasties, garter, organza handcuffs, and a playful feather tickler.

Madame's Mystique Ball Gag

An adjustable buckling strap of red and black patterned fabric accented with black gems and a petite silicone ball make for pretty gagging.

Amelia Stainless Steel Nipple Clamps Necklace

This stainless steel lariat necklace has an industrial look with pendants on each end that are screw-adjustable nipple clamps.

Kitty Cat Leather Crop

A whippy 20" black-and-pink crop with an adorable kitty cat head for the tip.

Feathered Nipple Clamps

Adjustable nipple clamps with rubber tips adorned with decorative fluffy black rooster feathers, for alternating pinching and tickling play.

Speak No Evil Neoprene Choker

This neoprene and Velcro collar is fun and funky whether you’re out dancing at a club or on your knees in the bedroom.

Adore Me Kit

This all-red kit contains silk & suede cuffs, a silk blindfold, and a lipstick vibrator all from the luxury toy company Lelo.

Plaisir Nacre Pearl and Chain Handcuffs

Cuffs made of pearly beads. The middle chain is 8-1/2" long and the pearl portion on each side is 5-1/4". This total length is roughly 20".

Boa Silk Pleasure Ties

Long silk ties loop through rings to bind ankles or wrists. A pouch of pearls at the end works to anchor them as over-the-door restraints.

Pink Chained Adjustable Alligator Clamps

Pink adjustable alligator clamps joined by a 12” chain. The screw adjuster keeps these 2” clamps from biting down more than you need.

Vegan Leather Wide Belt Restraints

This 3-strap, 4-1/8” tall vegan leather belt is a sexy accessory, plus the center strap converts to wrist cuffs for kinky fun.

Leather Corset Flogger

Braided leather tails topped with a handle tied up in a corset makes for a very sexy flogger!

All Mine Deluxe Satin Blackout Blindfold

A deluxe satin blindfold that ties in back and has wires enclosed in the top and bottom of the mask for a precision fit and total darkness.

Za Za Zu Feather and Chain Handcuffs

Fluffy marabou lined wrist cuffs adorn the ends of a 27” chain, making these cuffs adjustable to any wrist size.

Vegan Leather Tassel Flogger

A mini flogger made from vegan leather that can be used for teasing caresses or lightly stinging smacks.

SXY Neoprene Cuffs

A cleverly designed neoprene cuff for crossed wrist bondage with simple Velcro closures and a D-ring if you want a little more restraint.

Madame's Mystique Wrist Cuffs

These red and black floral patterned fabric and black lace cuffs are corseted with long black ribbons and also have a chain to connect them.

Vegan Leather Wide Wrist Cuffs

These vegan leather cuffs can be worn as fashion accessories and then clip on the chunky chain for kinky bondage fun.

Candy Ball Gag

Shush your sub in a sweet way with these candy ball gags. Thread the nylon rope through and tie it on for sugary punishment.

Patent Leather Bow Wrist Restraint

An adjustable Latigo leather strap is topped with a high-gloss patent leather bow and a chrome heart shaped lock to restrain wrists.

Beaded Noir Latex Strings Whip

A small whip with thin latex strings for tails, a vinyl wrist strap, and wooden bead handle makes a great teasing, tickling toy.

Silky Soft Bondage Rope

This nylon rope keeps all the softness of silk while maintaining the strength and integrity essential for bondage play.

Adjustable Fabric Handcuffs

Soft low-pile faux fur adjustable cuffs with Velcro closures connect with an adjustable nylon strap.

Vegan Leather Ankle Cuffs

Sexy ankle cuffs can be worn out on the town to suggestively show off your gams and later have their chain attached for submissive play.

Madam's Lace & Braided Leather Flogger

This flogger is quite delicate feminine with the lace-covered handle, but the braided leather tails say this lady means serious business.

Promise To Obey Arm Restraint Set

Universally sized faux fur lined arm cuffs suitable for both genders and all sizes, and versatile enough for use on wrists, arms and ankles.

Pinch Nipple Clamps

These firm-but-gentle adjustable pinch nipple clamps have hanging bead weights to add extra sensation with every movement.

Black Faux Fur Metal Handcuffs

Metal handcuffs covered in short pile black faux fur for comfort with a strong hold.

Vampire Gloves

Black leather gloves covered in 96 tiny tacks for scratching, pricking, teasing play.

Cadence Silicone Vibrating Sound

This slim silicone sound bends with the body and sends a strong vibration through the tip deep inside your cock.

Pink Faux Fur Metal Handcuffs

Double-locking black metal handcuffs are covered in super-soft pink faux fur providing feminine looking comfort and sturdy control.

Vegan Leather Thin Wrist Cuffs

You can wear both cuffs on one wrist as a double bracelet then when you’re in private move one cuff to the other wrist for bondage play.

Resist No Evil Neoprene Cuffs

Playful yet durable, these sturdy Velcro cuffs are bound to keep you where you belong.

100% Natural Hemp Rope

Braided to eliminate the possibility of opening up when contorted, this is one of the most secure natural ropes available for Shibari.

Bettie Page Wild n' Willing Faux Leather Wrist Cuffs

Quilted faux leather lined with velvet make these adjustable cuffs both stylish and comfortable. 7” connecting chain is fully removable.

Buck Dich Paddle/Dildo

This all-silicone toy has a substantial paddle at one end and a curved, ridged dildo at the other end to deliver all sorts of fun.

Cleopatra 24k Gold Plated Stainless Steel Bangle Handcuffs

Take these stackable gold bangles out on the town and see what kind of excuse you can find to turn them into sexy handcuffs.

Vegan Leather Choker With Ring

This BDSM inspired vegan leather choker with ring is a both a fashionable accessory and a nod to your deep desires.

Neon Wand Accessory Kit

This kit includes some standard probes and several new ones to expand the electrical play horizons of your Neon Wand.

Magnifique Chain Cuffs

These cuffs made of chains can be worn as bracelets and joined together with included chain to become light bondage cuffs.

Camille Luxury Silk Blindfold

These hand sewn silk blindfolds are sprinkled with Swarovski Crystals to give the perfect mix of fashion and fetish.

Vegan Leather Choker With Leash

Wear this collar without the leash to hint publicly at your private desires, then when you get home, attach the leash and submit.

Pink Fur Slapper

This rigid slapper has one side with black leather and the other with pink faux fur, great for alternating firm slaps and soothing caresses.

Sensua Suede Whip

The soft and supple suede tassels, alongside the polished metal and acrylic handle, make this a stylish addition to any collection.

Vegan Leather H-Harness

With adjustable collar & belt, and connecting straps galore, this BDSM-themed accessory is a strong and sexy look with or without clothes.

Vegan Leather Suspender Belt

Make a bold and sexy statement in your bedroom when you accessorize with stockings and this vegan leather suspender belt.

Lilly Fringe Whip

A whip of soft tassels meant for caressing and teasing play. Even a whack with it won’t produce pain. All tied up in a pretty satin bow.

Elastabind Cuffs

A clever wide elastic band sewn up into two tubes with an added D-ring. Slip your wrists in and submit!

Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle

Silver and black padded satin and faux leather slapper for a variety of sensations.

Mortal Coil Stainless Steel Urethral Sound

A long stainless steel sound with smoothly progressive swells for your urethral probing pleasure.

Faux Leather Glass Handled Whip

This faux leather flogger delivers a nice bite, and the decorated black glass handle can also be used for penetration play.

Short Suede Flogger

Sturdy suede floggers provide a soft, but heavy flogging.

Madame's Mystique Blindfold

This lovely red and black patterned fabric blindfold features a hidden wire to customize the fit around your nose and long fabric ties.

Hard Limits Universal Fabric Restraints

This set of 4 Velcro fastening satin cuffs can be clipped to each other or to the under-mattress straps for more secure restraint.

Y-Style Mini Tweezer Clamps

A Y-pattern chain setup with silicone tipped mini tweezer clamps at each end for pinch-free gradual adjustment of pressure and tension.

Long Suede Flogger

Sturdy suede floggers provide a soft, but heavy flogging.

Etherea Silk and Suede Cuffs

These ultra luxurious silk & suede cuffs fit wrists or ankles and feature long ties to close and anchor the cuffs for submissive pleasures.

Pink Y-Style Tweezer Clamps

Pink chain configured in a Y-pattern with 2-3/4” tweezer clamps at each end for nipple and clit squeezing pleasure.

Vegan Leather T-Restraints

Adjustable wrist or ankle cuffs and a leash all made from vegan leather and gold-tone hardware make for extra controlling bondage play.

Vegan Leather I-Harness

This BDSM themed accessory has a collar and waist strap connected by a vertical strap for a strong and sexy look with or without clothes.

Satin Mask & Cuff Set

This cuff & mask set has light pink satin fabric with black trim on the outside. The mask is black inside and the cuffs have pink faux fur.

Embroidered & Jeweled Leather Paddle

Authentic Indian stitching in silver or gold turn one this paddle into a work of art while the back is smooth black leather for firm smacks.

Naughty 'Lil School Girl Slapper

Be an overachiever & accessorize your schoolgirl outfit with this 12" wooden ruler wrapped with leather for a soft, firm grip.

Cleopatra 24k Gold Plated Brass and Enamel Snakes Nipple Clamps Necklace

A luxurious 24k gold plated lariat style necklace with black and white enameled snakes on both ends concealing alligator clamps.

Dare Me Kit

Explore sensual foreplay with this all-black kit including silk & suede cuffs, a suede whip, and PC exerciser balls all from Lelo.

Hollow Silicone Penis Plug With D-Ring

A hollow black silicone penis plug with D-ring offers flexible and lightweight urethral play.

Everything Bondage Kit

This kit includes a little bit of everything for a comfortable intro to a personal bondage fantasy.

T-Cups Plastic Nipple Suction Kit

Each turn of the screw on these plastic cups adds a delicious degree of succulent suction to nipples, neck or other sensitive spots.

Red Rope Flogger

A flogger made of red polyester blend rope tails connected to a vinyl fabric handle for softer, teasing play.

Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps

These screw-down style nipple clamps provide both pinch and possessive imagery with their dangling heart-shaped “padlock” charms.

Silky Soft Double Rope Wrist Cuffs

Fully adjustable cuffs made of the highest quality soft nylon rope available. Pull on the rope to cinch without pinching or chaffing.

Power Tripper Neon Wand Attachment

Let your partner feel a delicious electric tingle flowing from your tongue or fingertips every time you kiss, lick, or touch them.

Gold Star Leather Crop

The tip of this crop is a metallic gold leather star. Is it a reward system, a magic wand? It can be anything you want it to be.

Pink & Black Herringbone Leather Crop

This high quality crop features pink and black leather woven over the shaft in a herringbone pattern and black leather tip.

Vegan Leather Tassel Choker

Take this sexy BDSM inspired choker out on the town and give your lover and/or strangers a hint at what you might want in the bedroom.

Mandible Body Clamps

Screw-adjustable clamps based on vintage surgical clamps from 1909—kinky and historical!

Breathable Plastic Ball Gag

A 2” black plastic ball is attached to a 26” long 1” wide vinyl strap that allows an adjustable fit with a nickel-free buckle.

Shhhh... and Ohhhh... Satin Blindfold

This 77” black satin ribbon blindfold has Shhh… printed on one side in white and Ohhh… printed on the other side in red.

Pink Y-Style Adjustable Nipple/Clit Clamps

A set of Y-configured adjustable alligator clamps for nipples and clit pink with black silicone tips, for pretty pressure and pleasure!

Cleopatra 24k Gold Plated Brass, Leather, and Peacock Feather Earring Nipple Clamps

These exotic leather and peacock feather earring dangles slip off the hinged posts to become adjustable loop nipple “clamps”. Glamorous!

Silicone Ball Gag

A bright pink silicone ball gag with black leather strap and metal buckle.

Satin Blindfold

A simple lightly padded satin blindfold with dual elastic bands to keep you in the dark. Available in multiple colors.

Magnifique Chain Necklace Whip

This nickel-free necklace has a very long ball chain ending in a ball chain tassel for tickling and lightly stingy whipping.

Vegan Leather Shorts Garter

These thigh straps are designed to be worn over your jeans to add a strong and sexy accent to everyday wear.

Vegan Leather 8-Harness

This BDSM themed accessory has a halter neck strap and an adjustable waist strap for a strong and sexy look with or without clothes.

Head Nurse Leather Crop

Wanna play doctor? Or how about naughty nurse? This playful crop is the perfect accessory for your roleplay.

Intima Silk Blindfold

A 100% pure silk blindfold with long ties and elastic band and notch for the nose offering a secure and restrained fit.

Pink Tweezer Nipple Clamps

Basic adjustable tweezer-style nipple clamps in pink metal with black rubber tips.

5-Piece Faux Mink Fur Love Bonds Set

Package includes a black faux fur eye mask and two each of ankle and wrist bonds made of faux fur and sturdy nylon webbing.

Bell Decorated Tweezer Clamps

Tweezer clamps are fully adjustable so you can choose the perfect pressure to keep these jingling bells deliciously squeezing your nipples.

Sutra Chainlink Silk & Suede Cuffs

Sexy, soft, luxurious silk and suede wrist cuffs joined by silk and metal chain help create a new level in your sensual play.

Bettie Page Sweet on Satin and Faux Leather Restraints Set

53” satin tethers with faux leather quilted cuffs sewn on top slip around wrists and ankles with an adjustable fit via D-rings. Set of 4.

Bead and Charm Tweezer Clamps

Adjustable tweezer clamps adorned with colored beads and charms add a little flare to your nipple pinching pleasure.

Please, Sir Faux Leather Flogger

From the base of the black handle to the tips of the 48 silvery tails, this mini faux leather flogger measures 15” long.

Tease Feather Tickler

The plume of feathers on this tickler leaves a trail of goosebumps in its wake to increase sensitivity and excitement.

Grey Leather Flogger

This high-quality, sturdy leather flogger is crafted in two lovely shades of grey leather and is great for keeping your partner in line.

Leather Rose Crop

A lovely red leather rose tips this beautiful crop, perfect to create a rosy bottom.

Dominate Me Leather Corset Crop

Use a crop as fashionably kinky as you are—the tip of this crop features a black & white corset with red buttons and metal studs.

Lasting Imprint Hearts Leather Crop

This pink leather and black suede heart shaped crop has little heart cutouts that will leave heart marks behind on your love’s behind.

Spank-her Faux Fur & Leather Heart Paddle

This heart-shaped paddle delivers soft caresses from faux fur on one side and stinging smacks from leather on the other.

You. Are. Mine. Metal Handcuffs

Adjustable locking metal handcuffs with an emergency release lever engraved with You. Are. Mine.

Electro Erotic Neon Wand

The modern, safer way to enjoy skin-surface electrical play with varying intensities and two light color choices.

Chain Tassel Nipple Clamps

Short tweezer clamps in shiny chrome are decorated with silver chain tassels with small silver balls and intricate silver findings.

LoveStruck Suede Flogger

This petite suede flogger is perfect for beginners or experienced players with 12” tails and a metal ring at the base for precise control.

Vinyl Riding Crop

A compact black vinyl riding crop that you can stash in your purse, for discipline on the go.

Intro to S&M Kit

Explore S&M on the cheap with these faux-fur covered metal handcuffs, a satin blindfold, and a 16” vinyl fabric flogger.

Soft Leather Floggers

A simple soft leather flogger that's small enough to fit in any play bag, available in two sizes and three different colors.

Pearl & Black Bead Nipple Clamps

Smoldering black short tweezer clamps are decorated with multi-faceted black beads which are accented with silver findings.

Roses Leather Flogger

A flogger that has a leather rose bud gracing each of its nine tails.

Safari Eye Mask

This fabric eye mask stretches to fit with an elastic band and does it’s best to bring the animal out in you.

Silky Ribbon

A long silk ribbon for you to explore soft bondage. Use as a blindfold, wrist or ankle ties, or maybe just wrapping yourself up as a gift.

Devil Girl Leather Crop

The red & black nylon shaft of this crop is topped with a sexy devil girl to seduce and thrill.

Elastabind Kit

Wide elastic bands sewn into tubes for wrist and ankle cuffs, plus an adjustable tether with snap clips. Combine in any variety you like!

No Peeking Blindfold Twin Pack

Made from silky satin and faux fur for a soft touch against the skin, these blindfolds are comfortable enough for extended wear.

Silky Rope Kit

These two 6-foot lengths of silky, black polyester rope are perfect for Shibari, Japanese-style bondage play. Includes knot-tying guide.

Silky Sash Restraints

Two luxurious silky polyester sashes, each 4 feet long and 4 inches wide make versatile wrist or ankle restraints or use as blindfolds.

Désir Métallique Mesh Collar

Worn for elegance and seduction, this metallic mesh collar can be attached to the matching handcuffs for a truly connected BDSM experience.

Madame's Mystique Fabric/Leather Paddle

Lovely padded red and black satin damask fabric is backed with black leather and reinforced with a steel insert in this sexy paddle.

Ruff-ined Leather Crop With Chrome Details

This sleek and elegant crop features a rounded black leather tip, black nylon shaft with metal accents and a black rubbery grip.

Madame's Mystique Satin Damask and Leather Crop

This 25” long nylon shaft and wooden handle crop is topped with a circle of leather accented with red satin damask on the front.

Amelia Brass w/18K Gold and Silver Plating Pinwheel Necklace

Wear your kink semi-revealed: This lovely pendant looks like a framed starburst, but swing the arm out and you’ve got a light BDSM pinwheel.

Vegan Leather X-Harness

This BDSM themed accessory has shoulder straps that cross in back and an adjustable waist strap for a strong and sexy look with or without clothes.

Totally His Soft Handcuffs

These cuffs are strong and comfortable with velcro straps, a soft velvet lining, and sleek satin exterior. Great for beginner bondage.

Beginner’s Furry Metal Handcuffs

These metal cuffs with soft faux fur covering are firm and comfy, with a quick-release button if you lose the keys.

Power Exchange Stainless Steel Vibrating Sound

This stainless steel vibrating sound has just enough vibrational power to offer a sensitive mind blowing feeling.

Smiley Face Leather Crop

This cute, iconic smiley face leather crop will leave an imprint, so smack a smile into your favorite bottom and have fun!

Fusion Triple Suckers

Give delicious suction sensations with each turn of the screw on this trio of toys. The extra blood flow creates extra sensitivity.

Twiggy 18k Gold Plated Brass & Enamel Pinwheel Keychain

This pendant keychain featuring an enameled image of a playful porcupine isn’t just cute—it hides a pinwheel for kinky play time.

Kinky Fuckery Wild Couples Kit

This navy & black kinky kit has a blindfold, wrist cuffs, mini flogger, vibrating cock ring, nipple teasers, and a mini set of anal beads.

Juliette Silk Cuffs de Luxe

Fetish & fashion mix in these hand sewn long silk ties encrusted with Swarovski Crystals. Get your pretty & your kink on simultaneously!

Nail Ring

A stainless steel finger ring with two prongs for intense sensation play.

Leather Buckle Blindfold w/Pink Fluff Lining

This high quality leather blindfold has a fully adjustable strap and buckle for a snug fit and is lined with soft pink fluff for comfort.

Snappy Silicone Cuffs

Cool, soft, and stretchy silicone cuffs with 6-levels of snap-closing adjustability come in three colors for wrists or ankles.