Sneaky Sack

A multi-compartment waterproof bag for storing your toys, lube, and other sex supplies from prying eyes while traveling or at home.

The best way to store the Sneaky Sack is to place it on a hanger and to store it discreetly under some clothing such as a sweatshirt or coat. This bag is designed to hang below necklines of clothing and disappear from view. A dark sweater, coat or sweatshirt is best for the most discreet placement.

This durable, waterproof bag has a soft and silky exterior made with a fabric called Lustra (a cotton blend) and the interior is made with SOFlux which is a waterproof, breathable, fluid-proof, cleanable fabric (commonly used in hospitals) that does not crack like other vinyl fabrics. These bags are resistant to bacteria growth allowing products to remain clean and germ free.

Each Sneaky Sack provides internal pockets for separating contents to keep items from accidentally damaging one another and provides better organization. They can be locked for extra security (lock not included). Great for traveling with toys and lube and just as handy for keeping prying eyes of visitors from discovering your intimate entertainment in a drawer.

Outside measurements are 17-1/2” long by 13-1/2” wide. Main compartment is 17-1/4" high by 12-1/2" wide. Back pocket is 13" high by 12-1/4" wide. Front pocket is 12" by 12". The straps are 4" long and 1-1/2" wide.

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