Storage and Furnishings

What's Cool in Storage and Furnishings?

Fun Factory Toybags

Sturdy, water-resistant, zippered metallic beige Tyvek bags keep your toys safe from lint, dust and prying eyes while stored or traveling.

Lockable Toy Box

This metal accented case offers a safe & secure way to store your toys. Easy combo lock, unbreakable material & 3 sizes with various colors.

Padded Velvet Drawstring Pouch

A small (3"x5”) padded velvet pouch with a drawstring to keep your small toys like decorative metal butt plugs stored safe and dust-free.

I Want Sex Me Too Pillow Cases

These cute pillow cases can communicate your bedroom intensions and let your partner answer with his/her own pillow message. Get snuggling!

Sneaky Sack

A multi-compartment waterproof bag for storing your toys, lube, and other sex supplies from prying eyes while traveling or at home.