Stronic Eins Rechargeable Silicone Pulsator

This sleek silicone toy has a pulsating motor that provides thrusting rhythms much more like the real thing than a traditional vibrator.

The Stronic line of toys aren’t vibrators, the manufacturer calls them pulsators, we think of them more as thrusters. Instead of vibrating, this new kind of toy pulsates with powerful waves which deliver a real treat especially at the lowest frequencies. The powerful, naturalistic pulses are strong and unique, but familiar as well. The unique Stronic power unit delivers the natural thrust movements of lovemaking with ten thrusting rhythms.

It starts out in a steady thrusting pattern. Using the + button you can move through three more steady thrusting patterns of increasing rapidity named samba, rumble, and quicky. If you continue to push the + button you move into the dynamic modes with patterns of variable movements called roller ball, Vienna waltz, and rumba. Using the - button from the start you move into the three algorithmic modes called rattle, gallop, and dirty dancing. You can use the + and - buttons to move back and forth through all of the various modes, but once you get to the “end” of the modes in one direction you must back out or turn the toy off and then back on and start again in the “middle”.

The powerful in and out thrust motions of the sleek silicone Stronic Eins are particularly suited for vaginal use, and it can be used hands-free! The mostly smooth design has a rounded tip and a ridge in the middle that rises toward the handle to provide clitoral stimulation when inserted. Overall length just under 9-3/8”, 4-1/2" insertable. Maximum diameter is just over 1-9/16”. Charges through a magnetic USB cable, included.

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