What's Cool in Supplies?

Afterglow Toy Tissues

Anti-bacterial disinfecting disposable wipes for your toys and your body.

Sliquid Organics Sensation Water-Based Warming/Cooling Lubricant

This water-based stimulating natural lubricant is infused with food grade menthol for intense sensation and is partly organic.

Olivia's Boudoir Bath Salts

Bath salts made from pure Himalayan Pink Salt and nutrient-rich Dead Sea Salt to soothe, relax, and soften skin available in 6 scents.

One Oasis Silk Hybrid Lubricant

This glycerin-free water-silicone hybrid lube has a creamy, light lotion consistency that stays slick and doesn’t get sticky.

Astroglide Spark Hybrid Lubricant

A creamy hybrid formula that combines the best of water-based and silicone based personal lubricants with a vanilla scent/flavor.

Glyde Vegan Latex Organic Flavored Condoms, 4 packs

Vegan latex condoms flavored with natural organic fruit and plant extracts—no sugar or chemicals added.

Bijoux Indiscrets Melt My Heart Scented Massage Candles

The sublime aromas of these candles lead to the most sensual of massages to spring forth from the heat of their soft glow.

JimmyJane Afterglow Massage Candle

With 4 scents to choose from, the melt pool from these candles pour smoothly from the cleverly spouted holder for a lovely scented massage.

Mighty Tidy Toy Cleaner

A fragranced light toy cleanser spray with a wide range of bacteria-killing properties, which will inhibit microbial and fungal activity.

Silicone SLYD Body Glide

This is uniquely formulated silicone lube includes vitamin E to provide long lasting personal lubrication and comfort.

Divine 9 Water-Based Lubricant

This water-based personal lubricant uses a proprietary blend of natural plant extracts from the sea for a slippery yet intimate touch.

Pjur Med Energy Glide Water-Based Warming Lubricant

This water & glycerin based lube contains cocoa and spice extracts that stimulate warmth receptors and increase blood circulation.

Sliquid Silver Silicone Lubricant

This ultra concentrated blend of pharmaceutical grade silicones lasts for hours and is easy to clean up with soap and water.

Sliquid Splash Gentle Feminine Wash

When your lady parts need more than a splash of water for cleanup, turn to this gentle wash made to keep your hoo-hoo healthy.

Good Clean Love CaraGold CBD Lubricant

The only natural, water-based lube with organic CBD oil, plus organic aloe and carrageenan, provides long-lasting glide for better sex.

Wicked Cleene Antibacterial Toy Cleaner

An antibacterial toy cleaner with Triclosan, lavender, and olive leaf extracts.

Pjur Med Clean Toy Cleaner

A cleaning spray that has an intensive anti-microbial effect against bacteria, fungal infections, and viruses such as Hepatitis B and HIV.

Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Sensation Bath Oil

Bergamot, sandalwood and musk combine with sunflower and jojoba oil to offer a luxurious and skin-nourishing bath time treat.

Pjur Original Bodyglide Silicone Lubricant

One of the best silicone lubes on the market that stays wet nearly indefinitely.

Wicked Aqua Fragrance-Free Lubricant

This luxurious water & glycerin based lube is so rich it’s surprising that it’s not silicone.