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Sonic Silicone Double-Ended Dildo

This silicone toy with two unique ends is great for female couples and can be used for double penetration by the more adventurous player.

Olga Precious Metal Double-ended G-spot Dildo

An elegant & luxurious toy, crafted in stainless steel or 24K gold plate, with a flattened end for G-spot play & a tapered end for fullness.

Comet Silicone Dildo

A graceful arc makes this toy ideal for G-spot or prostate stimulation and the rainbow sherbet look makes you smile just to see it.

Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

A stainless steel crescent with balled ends that makes for a versatile, stunning toy.

Scorpion Stainless Steel Dildo

A nifty two-sided metal toy that works as metal anal beads or a lovely smaller G-spot stimulator.

Dryad Mesmerize Wooden Dildo

Two different sized tapered bloop ends and snake-like curves between give this gorgeous wooden toy versatility and great grip stability.

Dryad Intrigue Wooden Dildo

With a curved tip for G-spot and prostate play and a thicker end to fill you up, this toy has a lot of pleasing potential.

Crystal Wand Acrylic Dildo

For fans of extreme curvature, this S-curve dildo is a wonderful "get in there and make it happen" toy.

MyStim Double Dan Aluminum Dildo

This 1” aluminum e-stim dildo is good for anal play beginners yet firm enough and plenty long enough to also excel as a vaginal toy too.

Athena Glass Dildo

A lovely boroscilicate glass dildo with two differently-sized ends and a gentle curve to hit the spot just right.

Dryad Allure Wooden Bloop Wand

Whether you’re using the tapered oval point or the 3 bloops, this wooden toy is a joy in the pussy or the butt.

Dryad Dare Wooden Butt Plug

Designed as a prostate toy, the smooth tapered bulb can be placed with the handle curved forward or towards the rear.

Sharevibe Silicone Couple's Vibe

This harness-free silicone double dildo has a strong 2-pattern/3-speed USB rechargeable and removable vibrating bullet to please both users.

Purr Silicone Vibrator

This ribbed silicone vibrator adds extra oomph! to vaginal or anal play.

Flexi Felix Silicone Butt Beads

A caterpillar shaped set on anal beads made from medical-grade silicone. Adorable!

Eleven Stainless Steel Dildo

An impressive, heavy, double-ended 11" dildo made out of stainless steel.

Feeldoe Silicone Double Dildo

The first double-dildo of this innovative design has a bulb-end held in place by the wearer’s PC muscles and a perky cock, plus vibrations.

Silk Silicone Dildo

Some of the smoothest dildos we carry, for all your fucking needs.

Tomboi Brief Harness

These sexy, athletic cut briefs are highly functional harnesses built for packing (if you desire) and penetrating play.

Glass Juicer

This glass juicer has a grooved head, raised swirl along the shaft, textured nubs under the crystal adorned base and a handle to crank it.

Rocket Silicone Dildo

Sleek, simple, and classic smooth design with a barely-there head makes it semi-realistic, but the colors make it not-of-this-world.

Theo Comfort Cloth G-String Harness

A lovely, silky, fully adjustable thong-style harness with pretty pearl accent snaps comfortable enough for extended wear.

Glass Harnessable Dildo

This glass dildo is absolutely gorgeous and beautifully designed to be used either vaginally or anally and can work in most harnesses.

Fusion Silicone Dildo

A sleek, non-realistic silicone dildo with an ergonomically-designed base featuring a one-of-a-kind “clit stimulator”.

Vinyl Wand Vibrator Attachments

Blue vinyl attachments for wand-style vibe have straight or curved 3-1/2" long, 1" in diameter “dildo” for your insertion pleasure.

Isis Silicone Dildo

A firm silicone dildo in a gentle "S" shape, perfect for hitting the G-spot.

Mr. Pink Silicone Double-ended Dildo

This silicone dildo’s gracefully structured shape is sometimes firm and demanding, other times flexible and cuddly, and always stunning.

We-Vibe Classic Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator

The original U-shaped silicone vibrator to stimulate the G-spot and the clit while worn during sex can now be controlled with an app whether you’re together or apart.

Bend Over Beginner Harness Kit

This kit comes with a harness, one-touch bullet vibe, an extra O-ring, and two silicone dildos. Strap it on, lube it up, have fun!

Dryad Wooden Ergonomic G-spot Dildo

Your pussy can be a tree hugger with this gorgeous, wooden S-curve hourglass dildo.

Acute Silicone Dildo

A smaller silicone dildo designed with an upwards tilt for added functionality with harness sex.

Theo Partner Pack Comfort Cloth Harness and Silicone Dildo Combination

A combo of two excellent products: a black Theo G-String Harness and a violet Five Jules Silicone Dildo. Save money buying pre-combined.

Eight (8ight) Silicone Lovering

Put one ring at the base of the penis and use the included 'bud' in the other ring for clitoral, anal or perineal stimulation.

La Tour Est Folle Elastomer Dildo

A crazy French artist has turned the Eiffel Tower into a sexy, flexible elastomer dildo. Vive la France!

New Wave Silicone Double Dildo

This W-shaped silicone dildo with different shapes at both ends offers a fun variety of sensations for two women sitting facing each other.

Aneros Peridise Acetal Anal Stimulator

A slender unisex butt toy designed to use the body's peristalic reflex to make it seem to move on its own.

MyStim Egg-cellent Egon Lust Egg

This egg-shaped aluminum e-stim toy is great for vaginal play and can be inserted as shallow or deep as you like.

Silicone Finger Vibrator

This silicone finger contains a bullet vibe. Use with the vibe or remove bullet and slip sleeve onto your finger for a 2” extension.

Dryad Wooden Ergonomic Bloop Wand

This wand curves to stimulate your G-spot while the increasing bloops tease you open.

MyStim Bal(l)zac Aluminum Dildo

6 stacked bloops make this aluminum e-stim dildo amazing for both vaginal and anal stimulation, just don’t push it too far up the butt.

Crystal Wand Deluxe Acrylic Dildo

A verrrry skinny fuchsia wand for extreme G-spotting or some beginning anal play.

Share Classic Silicone Double Dildo

We adore this double-dipper! Consciously designed for G-spot stimulation and more, it's the gift that keeps on sharing!

Charmer Silicone Dildo

A saw-toothed dildo that maximizes G-spot rubbing with four pleasure bumps along the length.

Two Silicone Finger "Dildo"

A clever way to extend finger play beyond most folks' reach.

Drive Me Crazy Glass Massage Wand

A multi-function glass toy with curves, bumps, and bloops, oh my!

Four Silicone Strapless Strap-On

The thumb and fingers design of this silicone dildo is specifically made for female penetration without a harness without looking phallic.

Bouncer Silicone Dildo

Inside this rippled silicone dildo hide three rotating balls that respond to every movement, adding extra jiggle to your thrusts.

Leisure Silicone Dildo

A smooth, slender, silicone dildo/vibrator that'll work for strap-on anal sex (among other things).

La Palma Neoprene Hand Harness

This hand-harness can help anyone with muscle or joint problems that make gripping a toy difficult hold onto a toy for as long as they want.

Toy Box

A lockable faux leather box to store your toys and supplies away from prying eyes.

Pleasure Intensified Silicone Butt Beads

Both men and women revel in the intensified pleasure that comes with wearing these firm yet flexible silicone beads.

MyStim O(h!)-thello Aluminum Dildo

This e-stim dildo provides a lot of coverage for anal or vaginal stimulation; you must insert at least 2-1/4” to get current flowing.

B Balls Silicone Rumbling Butt Beads

This silicone plug has two weighted silicone balls that vibrate with every movement to fill and thrill your butt.