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Honey Silicone Head Tiny Wand Massager

This tiny wand massager fits into a pocket or purse with ease and has four intense vibration speeds coupled with a flexible silicone head.

Sweet Touch Mini Silicone Clitoral Vibrator

This silicone covered vibe has 3 speeds and 7 patterns and can give pinpoint or surrounding stimulation to your clit.

Spirit Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator

This multi-speed silicone vibrator is designed to cup the vulva, either held by hand, or tucked into your panties, for vibrating fun.

Yoni Finger Vibe

Slip the vibe onto base of a finger and the controller around wrist to turn your finger into the most intimate vibrating toy ever.

Pussycat Wand

This vibrator has 12 functions/speeds and an on/off switch in the handle. A flexible neck leads to the silicone bullet tip.

Revel Body SOL Rechargeable Vibrator

This round vibrator is discrete, but can provide amazing sensations with its TrueSonic resonating motor and silicone attachments.

Life Plus Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator

This purple silicone leaf-inspired powerful vibrator has three speeds and two patterns and is waterproof to boot!

blueMotion App Controlled ABS/PU Vibrator

Tuck this slim vibe into your panties and control it from a smartphone via Bluetooth (free) or over the internet (app upgrade).

Magnifique ABS Ergonomic Vibrator

This sleek vibe works well on your pussy and entire body with its three soothing speeds.

Ako Silicone Outie Vibe

This outie vibe packs a powerful buzz with 12 vibration patterns and strength controls all into a compact shape that fits in your palm.

Yva Rechargeable Precious Metal Vibrator

The elegant, luxurious Yva comes in Stainless Steel or 18 karat Gold, and is 2.5 lbs., 3-1/2" x 2. Decadence that you deserve!

Onye Stainless Steel Vibromasseur

A bullet vibe with a gorgeous, high-end makeover and eight strong vibration modes.

Touch by Leaf Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator

This uniquely shaped silicone toy fits perfectly in your hand, offers a variety of surfaces, and delivers multi-speed vibrations.

Fresh Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator

This somewhat heart-shaped silicone vibrator provides a variety of sensations at various points on its surface. Multi-speed and waterproof.

Fresh Plus Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator

This vaguely heart-shaped silicone vibe has multiple surfaces to experience different sensations from the 3 speeds and 2 vibration patterns.

Arcana ElectroSex Wand w/Silicone & Metal Head

This unique toy features five levels of electro and vibration intensities, each independently controlled with their own button.

SETI Silicone Vibrator

This silicone vibe is specifically designed for strong clitoral and labia stimulation with a strong vibration in the tip and the shield.

Vokuro 7-Mode Silicone Vibe

This vibe made of VelvaFeel silicone features 7 play modes to tickle and excite you with the flexible bunny ears.

Life Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator

This lovely silicone leaf-shaped toy has a powerful multi-speed rechargeable vibrator core and is waterproof too.

Pulse II Duo Silicone Couple's Vibrator

This silicone toy stimulates via oscillations. Use flaccid or erect, while your lady grinds on the other side. Remote control included.

Bgee Deluxe Silicone Vibrator

The specially crafted rounded tip and unique shape of this silicone vibe is perfect for focused clitoral stimulation during couples play.

We-Vibe Tango Dusk Pleasure Mate Silicone Sleeve

This silky soft and smoothly tapered silicone toy is just right for those new to anal exploration. Add your Tango vibe and have fun!

Sunny Silicone Vibrator

Lots of nice bubbles in combination with the soft and flexible silicone create a very intense and joyful toy for clitoral vibration.

We-Vibe Tango Rechargeable ABS Vibrator

Lipstick vibes have come a long way. This one has 8 vibration modes, is waterproof, and charges via USB.

Bunny Silicone Vibe

This toy has a strong and fast vibration and is made of a slightly harder silicone for intense stimulation as the two ears “hug” the clit.

MiMi Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator

This sleek silicone oval is designed for clitoral stimulation, but its 5 vibration levels and patterns can provide delight in many places.

Proud Rechargeable Silicone Dual Motor Vibe

Palm-sized dual-motor silicone massager with 10 strong vibration patterns hits every pleasure area with pinpoint stimulation.

Muse Rechargeable Dual-Motor Silicone Vibe

10 vibrating functions course through the “ears” of this adorable toy, delivering stimulation to both sides of the clitoris simultaneously.

MiMi Soft Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator

This sleek, soft silicone oval has 5 vibration levels and patterns making it great for external exploration, especially of the clit.

Adore Me Kit

This all-red kit contains silk & suede cuffs, a silk blindfold, and a lipstick vibrator all from the luxury toy company Lelo.

Fukuoku 9000

A tiny vibe that turns your finger into a vibrator. All the vibration of toys without the bulk.

Sqweel Go! Rechargeable Silicone Rotating Toy

An unusual rotating toy that has 10 silicone "tongues", in a USB rechargeable pocket size, with three speeds and three patterns.

Jazzie Silicone MiniVibe

This inexpensive, waterproof, one-speed, battery-operated silicone vibrator has a powerful motor and gentle ridges on the slender shaft.

The Cone Silicone Vibrator

A fabulous hands-free vibrating cone for your rubbing and coming pleasure.

Jam Silicone MiniVibe

This silicone one-speed, battery-operated vibrator is good for external play or vaginal insertion. It’s compact, portable, and waterproof!

Sqweel 2 Silicone Rotating Toy

An unusual rotating toy that has 10 silicone "tongues" to lick you with, now with more power and new reverse and flicking modes.

Superbe ABS Ergonomic Vibrator

This curved, wedge-shaped vibe can be used on your pussy as well as all over your body.

LAYASpot Elastomed and Silicone Vibrator

A lovely, curved vibe that fits a women's contours with an 8 function, splashproof array of vibration.

Ora 2 Rechargeable Silicone Oral Simulating Vibrator

This vibrator has a rotating nub sitting beneath its smooth silicone skin and 10 movement/vibration modes to mechanically simulate oral sex.

I Rub My Duckie Travel-Size Vibrator

The classic rubber ducky bath toy becomes an adult favorite with a one-speed vibrator and lots of colors and costumes to choose from.

Mystic Wand Silicone-Head Vibrator

A wand-style, battery operated vibrator with 6 vibration modes.

Amorino Rechargeable MiniVibe

This mini vibe gives simultaneous internal & external stimulation but also has a band that expands the area of vibration for external play.

Ideal ABS Rechargeable Vibrator

If you love your intense plug-ins, prepare yourself to go buck-wild over the <cite>Ideal Rechargeable Vibrator</cite>.