Twiggy 18k Gold Plated Brass Massage Ring

This modern, two-finger statement ring features two orbs that are fun and funky and can also deliver delicious sensations during massage.

We’re excited to carry a new line of unique fetish accessories that function gorgeously as jewelry and can be transformed into kinky sex-play entertainments. The designs are inspired by strong, memorable women who remind us that “well-behaved” women rarely make history. This is part of the line inspired by icon of the 1960s free love movement, Twiggy.

This modern two-finger statement ring features two round accents that allow the wearer to deliver delicious sensations during massage—working out every last little kink. Made of 18k gold plated brass, the ring size 6 but adjustable and the two spheres are a little shy of 9/16” and about 7/16”. Packaged in a cloth bag inside a jewelry box with a bow.

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