Vegan Leather I-Harness

This BDSM themed accessory has a collar and waist strap connected by a vertical strap for a strong and sexy look with or without clothes.

This collection is about strong women, responsible materials, and finding a different path to sensuality and love. These vegan leather body adornments can be worn over or under clothes and are perfect for the woman who feels that standard jewelry doesn't adequately express her style. These accessories can enhance and adapt any outfit into an alluring, sensual appearance. The manufacturer says they’re crafted to fit up to a size 12, but since interpretations of size vary widely and bust size makes a huge difference in the fit of most of these designs, we give you measurements below so you can check out whether or not these might fit you before you buy.

The I-Harness is a combination of 1/2” vegan leather straps and gold-tone hardware that includes a collar and a waist strap connected by a central strap down the abdomen. The collar has six settings from 12-1/2” to 16-1/2”, the central connecting strap is 11” long from the bottom of the collar to the ring, and the waist strap has seven settings from 30” to 34-3/4” and can be adjusted in angle along the ring the joins the two pieces of the waist strap to the central vertical strap. Both the collar and waist strap close using a peg-in-hole connection and have a loop to control the tail end after closing.

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