Vegan Leather Shorts Garter

These thigh straps are designed to be worn over your jeans to add a strong and sexy accent to everyday wear.

This collection is about strong women, responsible materials, and finding a different path to sensuality and love. These vegan leather body adornments can be worn over or under clothes (well, this particular design doesn’t really work under clothes unless you’re into clipping things to your skin, and if you are, go for it) and are perfect for the woman who feels that standard jewelry doesn't adequately express her style. These accessories can enhance and adapt any outfit into an alluring, sensual appearance. The manufacturer says they’re crafted to fit up to a size 12, but since interpretations of size vary widely, we give you measurements below so you can check out whether or not these might fit you before you buy.

These Shorts Garters are made of 1/2” wide vegan leather strips with gold-tone hardware and are designed to be clipped to belt loops and wrap around the thigh. The vertical strap that clips to your belt loops has four holes and a peg that makes them adjustable from 8-1/4” to 9-1/2” long. The thigh straps have two snap tops and six snap bases so they are adjustable from 19” to 21-1/2”. You can push it to 17-1/4” to 23” if you’re willing to use only one of the top snaps, which, on the short end leave a loose end of the strap and on the long end means the other snap head may rub your thigh.

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