Vegan Leather Wide Belt Restraints

This 3-strap, 4-1/8” tall vegan leather belt is a sexy accessory, plus the center strap converts to wrist cuffs for kinky fun.

This sexy three strap belt accessory not only accentuates your waist and carries a kink-inspired look, but the middle straps can be converted to wrist cuffs for when things get really interesting.

It’s made from 5/8” straps of vegan leather that close using a peg-in-hole connection and is 4-1/8" tall. The top and bottom straps adjust from 25” to 36-1/4” but you can add another 10-5/8” to each strap by attaching the extender straps. The middle strap operates a bit differently. If your waist is between 28-1/2” and 30-3/4” then you can take the strap with the clip on the end clipped to one of the rings and loop it through the free ring on the other side and peg into place. Larger waists will need to use an extender to reach the ring and loop through to close.

When you’re ready to convert the middle strap to cuffs, unclip, pull the straps from the pegs on the vertical straps, remove the extender if you’re using one, then loop the rings around your wrists and behind and through the center ring so both rings can be captured by the clip to become a short leash, which can be made longer by attaching one or more of the extender straps.

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